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Kräutertee Probierset

Kräutertee für jeden Geschmack

AURESA and environmental protection
Kräutertee Probierset
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Content: 390 Gramm (94.85€ * / 1000 Gramm)

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Trial set with 14 different herbal teas. more
Kräutertee Probierset
Trial set with 14 different herbal teas.

Bio Schluss mit Stress:  Tulsi herb *, rooibos *, lemon balm leaves *, ginger pieces *, apple pieces *, verbena herbs *, cinnamon bark *, orange peel *, natural citrus flavor, cardamom *, hemp seeds * (2%), lavender flowers *, ginseng root *, cornflower flowers * *grown organically

Chai Farbzauber: fennel, ginger bits, coriander, cinnamon, liquorice root, orange peels, star aniseed, moringa leaves, butterfly pea blossoms, cloves, rose pepper, cardamom, black pepper

Heißer Holunder: hibiscus blossoms, lemongrass, elderberries(8%), ginger bits(8%), natural flavouring, sweet blackberry leaves, liquorice root, raisins, lemon peels, elderflowers(2%), mallow blossoms, vitamin C(1%), zinc gluconate(0,5%)

Manuka Honig Salbei Tee:  apple bits (apple, acidifier: citric acid), ginger bits, liquorice root, fennel, sage leaves(10%), rose hip peels, nettle leaves, natural flavouring, manuka honey(2,5%), mallow blossoms, marigold blossoms

Hint: „contains liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption“

Winterleuchten: apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, lemongrass, orange peels, rose hip peels, raisins, blackberry leaves, flavouring, rooibos, vervain, lime tree blossoms, star anise, cinnamon(1%), cornflower blossoms, almond slices, vanilla bits(0.5%), cloves

Keine Sorgen:  apple bits, green tea China Gunpowder, lemongrass, candied pineapple bits (pineapple, sugar), ginger bits(7%), dandelion, natural flavouring, lemon peels(4%), coriander, tulsi herb, popped rice, orange blossoms, rose blossom leaves, ginseng root

Savannentee: apple bits (apple, acidifier: citric acid), lemongrass, green rooibos, orange bits, vervain, flavouring, vanilla bits

Nachtzauber:  valerian root, passion flower herb, lemon balm leaves(15%), peppermint leaves, fennel, caraway, aniseed, rose hip peels, rosemary leaves, marigold blossoms

Bio Tempelgold:  ginger bits*(18%), apple bits (apple*, acidifier: citric acid), turmeric*(12.5%), moringa leaves*, cinnamon*, liquorice root*, lemongrass*, fennel*, natural fruit citrus spice flavouring, citrus oil*, rose pepper*, ginseng root*

Hint: „Contains liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption”

*grown organically

Gute Besserung:  elderflowers, lime tree blossoms, thyme, rose hip peels, blackberry leaves, wild thyme, aniseed, fennel, liquorice root, marigold blossoms

Mach mal Pause: mistletoe, bean peels, birch leaves, lemongrass(10%), nettle leaves, St. John‘s wort, ginkgo leaves, flavouring

Bio Minzfrische: coriander*, nana mint*(15%), nettle leaves*, orange peels*, lemongrass*(7%), apple bits (apple*, acidifier: citric acid), cinnamon*, ginger bits*, natural fruit flavouring, cloves*, cardamom*, citrus oil* *grown organically

Rachenwärmer: lime tree blossoms(30%), aniseed, wild thyme(17%), thyme(10%), marshmallow leaves, mallow leaves, pansy, cornflower blossoms

Bio Fühl dich gut: orange peels*, apple bits*, aniseed*, blackberry leaves*, peppermint leaves*, cloves*, cinnamon*, rose hip peels*, marigold blossoms* *grown organically

AURESA e.K. | Friedrichstr. 50A | 63450 Hanau
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Nachhaltigkeit Teeanbau


Protecting the environment and the climate is an important issue that concerns us all. That's why we use resealable paper bags and reusable glases for our loose teas and ship climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen.

Qualität Tee

Highest quality

The name AURESA is derived from the Latin word "aurum", which means "gold". Because our teas are just as noble and exclusive as the beautiful metal. We offer you excellent service, with excellent specialist knowledge and qualified advice.

Fairness im Teehandel

Fairness in trade

For us, the focus is on people. It is important to us that everyone involved in the production process is treated fairly. That is why we maintain very close contact with our manufacturers and suppliers and only include teas in our range that have convinced us from A for cultivation to Z for suppliers.

These are our promises that you can always rely on. We want you to always be able to enjoy your tea in the best possible quality and with a clear conscience.

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